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Let's meet!

We want to meet our volunteers in person and have some fun! Come out to Studio.89 and help us make some origami cranes. Studio.89 is a beautiful non-profit cafe/community hub located in Mississauga, Ontario. We will be located downstairs, in the cafe! Check out Studio.89's website below: 


These meetings are intended for interaction and fun. They are not mandatory, but highly recommended! In addition to individual time spent on making cranes, these 'meetings' will count toward volunteer hours. You can also submit finished cranes and get your hours signed here.

If you are attending this event, please try and bring the following items with you:  
-paper (for the cranes)
-scissors (to cut the paper)
-volunteer form (if you want to get your hours signed on the spot)

We are excited to meet our WINGS in person!

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